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Easy home maintenance tips for HVAC

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Keeping your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in an optimum working state is good not only for the unit but for you as well. Apart from having it serve you effectively for a long time, you will also significantly minimize power usage since faulty HVAC systems usually draw more power. Similarly, you will be able to save considerably on system repair costs. As such, HVAC system maintenance has many desirable benefits. And the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to maintain your AC unit. If carried out regularly, simple maintenance tasks will ensure that you will enjoy all the benefits of a fully functioning, efficient system. Below are some useful home maintenance tips for your HVAC.

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Clear the area around your outdoor unit 

A well-functioning AC system requires adequate airflow. Anything that interferes with airflow can thus hinder proper functioning of the unit. You, therefore, need to keep the area surrounding the outdoor unit free of any debris. Make an effort to trim off any trees or bushes to give the AC the much-needed breathing space. You may also need to watch out for any trees that produce excess pollen and consider cutting them down.

Keep the condensing unit clean

For most air conditioning units, an outdoor condensing unit or heat pump is used to eliminate heat during the summer season. This unit usually has a fan installed on the top. With prolonged use, dirt, grime, and debris usually collect on the fan’s fins, thereby clogging it. Cleaning them off will ensure that the unit functions properly. Care should be taken when doing this, though, since you can easily damage it and render it useless.

Change filters regularly

A clean air intake is desirable if the HVAC system is to deliver fresh, uncontaminated air to your room. The filters do the work of cleaning the air. Regular replacement of filters on the AC will guarantee that the system doesn’t get clogged with time. It’s recommended to change them every 1-3 months or less if your family members or pets have allergies.

Check the drain pan and drain pipe on the evaporator coil

The drainpipe and pan on the evaporator coil is another area that should be checked and cleaned regularly. Clogged drainpipe and pan is the most common problem area for malfunctioning AC units. Mold and algae tend to build up here if cleaning is rarely done. And it gets severe to the point of leaking water through the ceiling. A dry-wet vacuum pump can be used to unplug any clogged areas while bleach can be used for cleaning it.

Consult an expert when in doubt

Sometimes regular maintenance of your AC unit can prove demanding, especially on those with busy schedules. This is where you can engage the services of a professional company to help you. An HVAC expert can be of great help during maintenance, especially if you want to avoid making costly mistakes.

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