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Frequently Asked Air Conditioning Questions in Abu Dhabi

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Air Conditioning questions in Abu Dhabi

Many households in Abu Dhabi require Air Conditioning systems installation in their houses due to the high temperatures. When air conditioners aren’t working properly, homeowners get curious about how these units work. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions asked about air conditioners in Abu Dhabi.

When should I replace my HVAC system?

HVAC systems, just like any other machines, lose efficiency with time, resulting in frequent breakdowns and costly repairs. Installing an HVAC system requires significant financial input, and one should carefully weigh out the pros and cons of replacement versus repair. On average, AC units start to break down after ten years of use. Your system can, therefore, serve you for 10-15 years if maintained properly.

How can I tell if I have an energy-efficient AC system?

Air Conditioning units with a higher energy efficiency rating are desirable because they make it easier to conserve energy and minimize costs. To understand your system’s energy efficiency, you need to know the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). It is a measure of how efficient the AC unit is at converting electric power into cooling power. You can check the unit’s cabinet or its manual for the SEER rating. The higher the rating, the better. In Abu Dhabi, the recommended SEER rating is 13 and above.

What’s the best method of choosing an AC unit?

Various factors are considered in choosing the right AC unit for your home or building. The first consideration is your budget, which determines the type of AC to purchase. Other factors include room/home square footage, SEER rating, warranties, and any additional features you may desire. Before deciding on which AC unit to install, it’s recommended that you consult an HVAC expert to help you pick the most appropriate system to fit your needs.

What maintenance does my HVAC system need?

Regular HVAC system maintenance is crucial if you want the unit to serve you for long. Inspecting, cleaning, or changing the air filters on the Ac unit once a month will ensure it runs smoothly. Also, consider scheduling for annual maintenance just before the summer season. Keep the area around the unit free of vegetation and debris. Clean the evaporator and condenser coils at least twice a year, clear the air ducts and vents regularly to ensure maximum airflow.

What is the cost of AC maintenance in Abu Dhabi?

On average, AC maintenance in Abu Dhabi costs approximately AED 150 (exclusive of VAT). This covers cleaning, inspection, and repair services. This is a considerably low amount, which will go a long way in keeping your unit operating in optimal condition. You will thus be able to avoid system breakdown and disruptions while keeping your power bill down as well.

What kind of thermostats do I need?

There are several thermostats to choose from and install in your AC unit, depending on your needs. They include:

  1. Smart thermostat – a thermostat that learns and schedules AC unit operation based on your preferences.
  2. Remote energy management – It can be set, operated, and monitored remotely via smartphones, computers, or tablets.
  3. Programmable thermostat – can be programmed to optimize system operation based on the time and current temperature.
  4. Digital nonprogrammable – a digital thermostat that’s manually controlled.
  5. Manual – a mechanical thermostat that requires manual setting.

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