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Abu Dhabi is a spectacular tourist destination, especially during summertime. It is also home to some of the world’s best water parks. However, in summer, the temperatures tend to rise up to 40 degrees, which might be a little uncomfortable, mostly, for first-time visitors.

Here’s how to enjoy a hot summer in Abu Dhabi, despite high temperatures.

1. Air conditioning

Most households in Abu Dhabi have resorted to AC installation to help them cope with the high temperatures. If you are traveling to Abu Dhabi, be sure to book a hotel room or accommodation with air conditioning as a working amenity. Investing in a good air conditioner for your home or business is no longer a luxury but a need in Abu Dhabi.

2. Change your Filter

Expert air conditioning maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi recommend changing your AC’s filter every 6 to 12 months to avoid dust accumulation. This also ensures efficiency in system performance. A clogged or dirty filter tends to block normal airflow throughout the AC, which might ultimately damage the system.

3. Duct Air conditioning

Duct air conditioning is a fantastic way to keep multiple rooms cooled and well ventilated. They are more efficient in cooling large public areas like retail stores and malls. Investing in one for your home means that every room can be cooled as well as have a constant temperature that is easily regulated from one source.

4. Install a Zoning System

You might be looking for a way to control the temperature in each room of your house, perhaps considering what different family members need at different times. Well, there is an option for that – zoning controls. With these, you can easily divide your home into groups of rooms or individual rooms to achieve customised cooling levels. Zoning systems save energy and prevent uneven comfort throughout the house.

5. Seasonal AC Service

A malfunctioning or broken AC in Abu Dhabi can be a daunting nightmare, given the high temperatures. Regular servicing keeps and extends the life span of the AC. Maintaining an AC system is less costly compared to replacing it. Additionally, it prevents abrupt system malfunction that can be quite inconveniencing. Besides clogged and dirty filters, air conditioners face common problems that require expert maintenance. Outsourcing expert  AC repair services will allow you to deal with these problems quickly.

6. Schedule preventive maintenance.

Scheduling a preventive maintenance session with a professional AC technician will save your unforeseen problems in your system. Nobody likes a surprise problem to fix. It is advisable to seek professional plumbers in Abu Dhabi  before the hot summer begins to make sure that your AC is clean and ready to battle the summer heat.

7. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water in hot weather helps lower your body temperature and replenish fluids lost during excessive sweating. Snacking on fresh fruits that are rich in water like watermelon, berries, and citrus fruits is another way to stay hydrated. Wearing light and decent clothing is another way to cope with the hot summer. Clothes made of breathable material like cotton, linen, or Jersey are ideal for the warm weather in Abu Dhabi.

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