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List of the best Air Conditioning Contractor in Abu Dhabi

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Best AC Repair Companies in Abu Dhabi

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, commonly abbreviated as HVAC, are an integral part of our lives in the UAE. A broken AC system can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. Luckily, there are several  best HVAC companies in the UAE, if your looking for the best services AC repair in Abu Dhabi.

Our list of MEP companies in the UAE has been crucially analyzed to present only companies that offer reliable customer services, industry-leading, easily reachable, and have transparent pricing.

Let’s get to it!

FCC Maintenance

FCC maintenance is a top ac maintenance company in Abu Dhabi. They have a qualified team of professional plumbers, electricians, and mechanics who can fix your HVAC system, plumbing, electric wiring, and home performance services in Abu Dhabi. The company serves both residential and commercial clients and has a vast portfolio of past projects.

FCC Maintenance believes in customer satisfaction. Additionally, the company offers 24/7 customer support, on top of quality maintenance services at fair pricing.

Are you looking for an industry-leading and on-demand Ac cleaning Abu Dhabi? Look no more; FCC Maintenance has your back.

Elemec Electrical Contracting LLC

Elemec Electrical Contracting LLC is one of the best HVAC companies and contractors in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain. The contractor has been offering quality air conditioning services since 1996 and has earned a strong reputation amongst its clients.

The company offers world-class services in;

  • Air condition and electric system installation
  • Plumbing system management
  • Fire protection services.
  • AC repair in Abu Dhabi

Elemec Electrical Contracting LLC targets domestic and commercial clients, including airports, industrial complexes, hotels, villas, warehouses, and residential apartments.

Nathan Stal Technical Services LLC (NSTS)

Nathan Stal Technical Services is one of the leading air conditioning contractors in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The company prides itself on its innovative modern technology such as 2D modeling, prefabrication, and modularization solutions in designs that ensure long-lasting answers to your problems.

The company serves residential and commercial clients in Dubai and provides the following services;

  • home performance services
  • air conditioning installation
  • plumbing system management
  • fire and fire alarms
  • and electric wiring

NSTS professional experts guarantee you value for money through their fast-tracked, reliable and convenient AC repair in Abu Dhabi services. Their main advantage is incorporating modern techniques into solving challenges facing the HVAC sector in the UAE.

Star Electro Mechanical LLC

Star Electro Mechanical LLC is one of the top 5 HVAC contractors in the UAE. The company has been providing cutting-edge services to clients for over 17 years; and has hundreds of satisfied customers on its portfolio, thanks to its non-compromisable quality services.

Star Electro has managed to put together a team of experts that understands your HVAC needs by providing Electrical and fire services, Plumbing installation and repairs, and refrigeration services.

McMaster LLC

McMaster prides itself as one of the best HVAC companies and contractors in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain. The company’s portfolio features and a wide range of clientele, including building contractors, fit-out contractors, developers, government institutions, and homeowners.

The commercial company provides services in

  • Variant refrigerant and flow systems
  • Split ducted DX units
  • Cooling towers
  • Energy Transfer systems
  • Cooling stations
  • Turnkey HVAC design and installation both at small and large scale sizes.


There are hundreds of air conditioning contractors in the UAE. However, getting a reliable one that provides top-notch services for your hard-earned money is challenging. Get in touch with a reputable HVAC company and let them do the hard work.





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