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Professionals AC Repair & Maintenance in Abu Dhabi

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AC repair & Maintenance Services

Do you ever dream of warm winters and cool summers? A standard air conditioning unit is your best companion during those extreme temperatures, and one of the many professional air conditioning maintenance companies in UAE can provide exactly that! AC maintenance in Abu Dhabi is critical. However, it is never supposed to be a matter of life and death. Having the services of a knowledgeable technician in Abu Dhabi reduces unnecessary stress.

Tips for maintaining your AC Unit

Change your filter

An AC unit is only as good as its filter, and changing its at least once a month is not a bad idea. The filter cleans the air that goes through your unit by trapping dust particles and dirt, and it can get clogged with continuous use.

Clogging in filters apply unnecessary pressure on your AC unit as it requires more energy to push the air through the blockade of dirt and dust. You can quickly get AC filters replacement done by professional AC repair companies in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi. This will save you the hustle of having to replace the whole unit within a short period.

Keep your coils clean.

AC technician in Abu Dhabi will advise you to keep the coils and the fins, located outside your unit, clear of obstruction and debris. If your fins and coils are obstructed, the AC unit will have to use more energy to overcome the resistance.

The debris and leaves can be easily removed by a broom or leaf hose, and you should avoid using any strong spray.

Keep a moderate thermostat reading.

The thermostat determines the length of your AC unit’s life cycle. A thermostat that works short periods per day lasts longer than the ones that work long hours a day. Therefore, if you leave the house for long periods, it is advisable to set your thermostat to a high temperature.

This not only improves the longevity of your unit but also saves you from paying excessive utility bills. Getting guidance for AC maintenance in Abu Dhabi will help you modify your AC settings to the optimum.

Schedule a check with HVAC Company in Abu Dhabi

AC unit repair technician near you can analyze and detect problems before they affect the entire unit. A technician can carry a routine maintenance check to ensure the AC unit’s internal parts are at their optimum and replace those likely to start causing problems.

The main parts that need professional checks are the AC refrigerants, which might require draining and the filters.

Check your ductwork and seal open spaces.

Make sure all your doors and windows are closed to minimize air leakages. Ductwork should be occasionally checked and sealed completely. If these spaces are left open, the cold air from your AC unit will leak out, leaving your home uncomfortably warm.

Lubricate moving parts

As the fins and coils in your unit rotate, the friction causes wear and tear. However, this can be minimized by applying a lubricant on the moving part of the fins. It is prudent to use quality certified lubricants.

Additionally, these moving parts might become loose over time, and a routine tightening will optimize their functioning and prevent unforeseen accidents. Furthermore, ensure that your system starts, runs, and shuts down appropriately.

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